Amanda Gentry’s work is the merger of a technical and emotional ceramicist. Infusing each work with impeccable craft to underlie the specificity of each form, Gentry creates sculptures filled with care and intimacy. Assembled from flat pieces, then smoothed through sanding, she forms curved bases that gently sway with a subdued playfulness. These inflated shapes are both strong and pillowy, a reminder that softness can be strength as well.

Amanda Gentry (b.1973, Long Beach, California) is a Chicago-based sculptor working in clay. Her work is the result of dedication to form, material, and process, driven by a determination to reveal what is essential at the exclusion of the non-essential. She is a DCASE grant recipient and exhibits work nationwide, recently exhibiting at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts (San Angelo, Texas). Gentry received a BFA in Design with a minor in Sculpture from Boston University.



2017 | SERIOUS / play



2018 | Chicago Fine Art, Amanda Gentry in “Earth Bound” at Hofheimer Gallery

2016 | Chicago Gallery News, Eye for Collectors

2015 | Louise and Maurice, I am here: Work by Amanda Gentry

Photograph courtesy of the artist

Photograph courtesy of the artist