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Matthew Rachman Gallery features a carefully curated collection of Mid Century Modern furniture and contemporary art. Exhibitions are held regularly and our collection of rare vintage finds and curiosities changes constantly. The gallery is also available for event rental for philanthropic and private functions.


Gallery Hours: Tues - Sun 11am - 6pm
Please stop in or make an appointment by calling 773.245.3182.


"Musings" is the title of the Matthew Rachman Gallery Blog. 

January Staff Picks

Matthew Rachman


"W" Acrylic Magazine Rack

“This locally-made contemporary sculptural piece marries form and function, and is a cool way to store your magazines or books.”

Acid Washed Cowhides

“Part of what I pride myself on doing with our pieces is to put an interesting spin on a classic design. That’s why I think these hides are particularly great. I source only the highest quality genuine Brazilian cowhides in a range of colors and markings, from solid and spotted traditional hides, to the more rare longhaired and acid-washed or hand dyed pieces.”

Lynn Basa, “Mirror"

“A Chicago native, Lynn is a master at creating encaustic artwork. She also has a firm understanding of interior design, and how these pieces work in home. This piece would fit beautifully in any setting, and is tied together thoughtfully by a handmade wooden frame.”


Vintage Stone Boat Plow

“I’m a fan of mixing historical artifacts into interior design, and this piece is both aesthetically appealing and tells an interesting story about early midwest agriculture. The stone boat plow was traditionally hitched to a horse by chain, with the sharp teeth of the stones facing down. Women and children would sit on the back of the plow to weigh it down while it was being pulled.”

Fortuny Floor Lamp

“This piece is insanely cool. The bulb itself is pretty monumental, and the overall form of the legs and shade is really pleasing. I can see this looking really sharp in the corner of a super chic loft or contemporary setting.”

Artwork by Krista Svalbonas

“Krista’s process and technique are quite impeccable. Her collages in particular are so masterfully crafted that they almost appear to be digitally produced. Her collages are fusions of rural and urban architectural photography that result in a newly formed structure that is both foreign and obscuring to our own perceptions. One of my favorite elements are these lovely little private moments that exist in each piece, such as a tiny open window or door hidden in the artwork, waiting to be discovered at a later glance.”


Set of Le Corbusier LC2 Armchairs

“From the chromed steel frame to the choice of burnt sienna suede for reupholstered - these chairs are absolutely stunning.  I would love to own them.”

C Jere Brass Sculpture

“The artwork of artist / designer Curtis Jere offers a much needed three dimensional focal point to a room.  The piece in question would make a wonderful accent in a cottage, boat house, den, or summer home.”

Vintage 1970s Lithograph

“This beautiful lithograph provides just the right amount of color pop to any wall and comes in at just the right price.”


Set of Brueton Chairs

“Use these in either a conference setting to add some modernity within the space. Think outside the box and use them as your dining chairs on the sides of the table with a 10 seater table and try mixing things up by adding two different captain’s chairs at the end for a polished yet eclectic look.The black velvet on the chairs gives an air of sophistication.”

Silver Cowhide

“Add a bit of character by mixing this black and silver cowhide into your living quarters, pairs extremely well with lucite and chrome. Rugs help turn areas into individualized spaces that are separated from the rest of your place so that it’s not just one conglomerate of design.”

Wicker Sculpture

“Rattan is really experiencing a resurgence right now.  The sculpture adds dimension to any room and is a playful way to fill your space."


Set of Swan Chairs

“An exquisite example of modern Danish furniture! Beautifully reupholstered in cognac leather, the iconic chair shows how it has stood the test of time, through its fluid curves.”

McCobb Bookshelf + Dresser

“A stunning combination by Paul McCobb that will fulfill your need for storage and display.”

Pamela Staker, "Repurposed Failure Series (Pink Dot)"

“Pamela Staker’s series of collages are breathtaking. Paint on fragments from her silkscreen prints pair beautifully with the small hint of color.”


Ibex Dining Table

“There’s something quite magical that happens when you pair brass with glass. Opposites attract. This pair of Alain Chervet Ibex have a sense of style and exuberance while maintaining a soft-spoken elegance. I’ve been admiring the pair since Matt came across them.”

Marc Chagall, "Daphne + Chloe"

“Chagall is such a master of color, what a beautiful interpretation about first love through the lens of mediterranean blues and Peloponnese light! Evocative, it is simply breathtaking!”

George Nelson Credenza

“This George Nelson credenza, governed by perpendiculars and parallels, is a sleek geometrical treasure. It has function and minimalism - a Nelson credo.”