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Matthew Rachman Gallery features a carefully curated collection of Mid Century Modern furniture and contemporary art. Exhibitions are held regularly and our collection of rare vintage finds and curiosities changes constantly. The gallery is also available for event rental for philanthropic and private functions.


Gallery Hours: Tues - Sun 11am - 6pm
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"Musings" is the title of the Matthew Rachman Gallery Blog. 

Introducing the playful, visceral artwork of Greg Dickerson

Matthew Rachman

We are thrilled to discover Greg Dickerson amongst Minneapolis’ most prestigious artists. Minneapolis has garnered national acclaim as a hot bed of artistic talent in the US - recently touted in USA Today 10Best Readers’ Choice list for best art district in the United States, serving as a home to more than 400 independent artists.

Painting for over 20 years of painting and with over 32 exhibits under his belt, Dickerson also lends his experience to shaping young minds at his alma mater, the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, and at St. Catherine’s in the Twin Cities of Minnesota. He draws inspiration from working with budding young talent and in guiding them to refine their craft.

A Midwest native, born and raised in Cleveland Ohio, Greg is no stranger to less than desirable weather. He finds inspiration and solitude in his barn, which he converted into a studio. We visited Greg there where he walked us through his process.


Aside from being barraged with a tactile swarm of color, texture and materials, one of the first noticeable elements of Greg's work space is the influence music plays on his process. An avid collector and audiophile - Dickerson has over 1500 records. Amongst his favorites are Sign of the Times by Prince, Separation Sunday by Hold Steady and Pleased to Meet Me by the Replacements. You can regularly find him jamming out in his studio while working.


Greg’s focus is primarily on using tactile materials, painting on canvas and wood panels. He works with the idea of immediacy, allowing for the conceptual process between elements and materials to interact.

"The work is intuitive - it’s led by the medium and materials eliciting a statement and response.”
"Squares #49" 2011 acrylic + fabric on wood. 8" x 8"

"Squares #49" 2011 acrylic + fabric on wood. 8" x 8"

The playfulness of abstraction pushes the thought of shape and form within a particular genre of painting. Greg experiments with graphic mark-making, using a variety of mediums: an array of fabric designs translate pastoral colors, line and complex patterns. The elements lead to areas of spatial reference and anthropomorphic imagery. The outcome brings attention to formal art principals and a visual language used to create a pleasing compositional arrangement.

His large-scale, mixed medium paintings often incorporate fabrics he’s acquired from his family. A certain nostalgia is created for both artist and viewer, when he incorporates his mother and grandmother’s old tablecloths, blankets and fabrics. For Greg, it conjures images of his grandmother lovingly patching his jeans as a kid.

"#21" 2011 acrylic, oil + fabric on canvas. 28.5" x 38.5"

"#21" 2011 acrylic, oil + fabric on canvas. 28.5" x 38.5"

"Using fabric is about breaking borders. The fabric acts like a bucket of paint that is poured."

For any given show, Dickerson creates a body of over 200 8" x 8" studies on wood, in which he isolates color and texture. The studies are grouped, working together like a story. One is a word, two a sentence, three a paragraph and so on, until the story unfolds.


To see available work by Dickerson, visit or contact the gallery to schedule an appointment: 773.245.3182 or