Glass Bottle Vase By Kastrup Holmegaard

This hand blown glass vase comes from the internationally known Kastrup Holmegaard factory. In 1936, Otto Brauer was hired by Kastrup Glasværk (later known as Kastrup Holmegaard) as a glassblower. After 10 years of honing his craft, Brauer was awarded the title of Master. A decade after that, the Gulvase went into production. The olive green color is one of their most well known designs, and preceded the brightly colored versions. This Gulvase’s immaculate craft, rich olive green color, and untraditional shape make it a great contrast piece to other rectilineal MCM designs.

Set of Le Corbusier LC2 Armchairs

Debuting at the 1929 Salon d’Automne in Paris to later be re-issued by Cassina in 1965 this set of armchairs by Swiss-French designer and architect, Le Corbusier is truly timeless. Despite his avant-garde designs for his time, Le Corbusier made sure to prioritize functional logic in all his products. The cushions in this set have been reupholstered in a deep orange suede that poses a warm, rich texture next to the slick chromed steel frame.

Wrought Iron Sculpture

Hand sculpted by a local Chicago artist in the 1960s, this wrought iron floor sculpture lends itself to a brutalistic approach in its design. The term “brutalism”, originating from a French word meaning raw, aptly describes the organic and textured nature of the craftsmanship present in this piece. The two eyes on the front of this sculpture bring it to life in a playful and charming way. This is an enjoyable addition to any minimalist home seeking to further its art collection.

Martha Morimoto