Artwork by Jeffrey Cortland Jones

“Small details - worn away paint on buildings, the shape of light coming through a window, sunlight on concrete, and painted over graffiti - are pulled into Jeffrey Cortland Jones’ paintings. These well-articulated, gentle, and patient abstractions allow your eyes to walk around their edges, their planes, and slowly reveal smaller details. Without screaming for your attention, works like “Remits (Jersey Barrier)” or “Bookmark (Empathy Test)” will capture your gaze with a pleasant escape into the everyday."

Set of Jens Risom Chairs

"Born in Denmark, Jens Risom had studied at the prestigious School of Arts and Crafts in Copenhagen. It was after one year after Risom’s arrival in the U.S. that he met Hans Knoll, who brought their first designer to Knoll Inc. Now an icon of MCM design, the lounge chair has proven to stand the test of time through its simplicity and craftsmanship. We have restored Risom’s wooden frame in walnut, and have reupholstered Risom’s set of lounge chairs with our brindle hair-on-hide leather, sourced from our unique selection of fabrics. Take a look through our website to see other ways we have reupholstered Risom’s lounge chairs."

Paul McCobb Dining Table for Calvin

"Designed for Calvin by Paul McCobb in the 1940s, this dining table shows McCobb’s playful take on traditional forms with hints of Scandinavian craftsmanship and International Style geometry. There is no superfluous decoration or ornamentation. McCobb had a very definitive vision of what new traditional design should be, this dining table is an exemplar of his philosophy. It is clean and sparse while remaining in elegant and distinguished taste.”


Martha Morimoto