February’s Feature: Jens Risom


Jens Risom introduced Scandinavian design to the United States in 1939. He was one of

the first designers to bring Mid Century style to the US. Risom was born in

Copenhagen, Denmark and began designing at a very young age. He was heavily influenced

by his father, an architect, and pursued his studies at the Copenhagen School of Industrial

Arts and Design. Risom’s designs are considered modern classics and he has many furniture

pieces on display throughout the United States.

His designs are timeless and practical. He is known for his unique shapes and strong parallel

lines. The designs are effortlessly beautiful and still relevant to this day. Risom partnered with

entrepreneur Hans Knoll in 1941, and in 1942 they launched the Hans Knoll Furniture

Company. There were about 20 pieces designed for Risom’s inaugural “600” line.

Below are key examples of iconic Risom designs featured at Matthew Rachman Gallery.

marlee power