Charlotte Perriand (1903-1999) was one of the most innovative furniture and interior designers of the twentieth century. Her career spanned five eras of furniture design. Leaving a mark in Art Deco, machine-age modernism, the rustic 1930s and 40s, populist modern furniture of the 50s and 60s as well as the prefabricated bathroom and kitchen units popular in the 70s, Perriand’s versatility allowed her to maintain an influential status and cemented her as a pioneering figure in modernism.

The woman behind Le Corbusier’s furniture designs, Perriand initially applied to his atelier in October 1927. She was famously rejected with the reply, “We don’t embroider cushions here.” A month later after seeing her work at the Salon d’Automne, the famed architect offered her a position. In collaboration with Jean Jeanneret at Le Corbusier’s studio, she developed a series of tubular steel chairs. These chairs have since become emblematic of the machine age. She would leave Le Corbusier’s atelier in 1937, but would return to collaborate with him on the Brutalist beauty Unité d'habitation (1946-1949) or the residential Maison du Bresil at the Cité Universitaire Complex in Paris (1959).

Apart from these collaborations, her own work encompassed a wide range of projects and countries. She designed bamboo furniture in Japan, lobbies for Air France in London and Tokyo, workers’ housing in the Sahara and ski resorts in the French Alps. She always explored the possibilities of new materials.

Charlotte Perriand was a woman committed to function, simple harmonies of form and color and a believer in the intermingling of technology and nature. For her, the presence of objects was just as important as the presence of open space; she believed that well thought out design could help create a better society. Perriand's work points to a mind that was brave, free and deeply sensitive to human nature. 



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  Charlotte Perriand at the Corbusier Studio in Paris. Photo by Pierre Jeanneret (c) Charlotte Perriand Archives, Paris, France

Charlotte Perriand at the Corbusier Studio in Paris. Photo by Pierre Jeanneret (c) Charlotte Perriand Archives, Paris, France