"MR #26" by Greg Dickerson

"MR #26" by Greg Dickerson

Exhibition Dates: 07.15.16 - 09.04.16
Opening Reception: Friday, July 15, 2016 | 7-10pm

Greg Dickerson’s new body of work includes 28 pieces ranging in size and color intensity. The new work exudes a certain child-like energy where institutional colors are paired with vibrant hues, graphic mark making and fabrics creating a juxtaposition between materials, color and form. The work is driven by intuitiveness. Greg’s work is created with mixed medium, using fabrics he’s inherited from his grandmother. For Greg, using fabric is about breaking borders where the fabric acts like a bucket of paint that is poured. While Greg creates his larger-scaled work he isolates color and texture in smaller studies. He creates a body of over 200 studies for any given show. The studies tell a story. One is a word, two a sentence, three a paragraph and so on until the story unfolds.

Portion of proceeds will be donated to Chicago House supporting programming for those disenfranchised by HIV.