Nicholas Kriefall is a contemporary American painter. His works give way to a distinct feeling of something struggling to come through to the surface. Kriefall achieves tension with his use of dense layering and rich colors. The eerie sense of instability creeping through each work describe the terror and beauty of nature’s uncertain behaviors. Kriefall pushes Romantic attitudes towards fear and awe, as described by Edmund Burke and Immanuel Kant, to a new threshold. He reexamines the language used, making it startlingly new and finding a place for it in the contemporary world.

Kriefall has had solo shows at Hue Gallery of Contemporary Art in Wichita (2017), Metropolitan Square Building (2016, 2015, 2014) and Hoffman LaChance Contemporary in St. Louis (2011). His work has been exhibited in group shows at Soulard Art Gallery in St. Louis (2017, 2013), Pryor Fine Art in Atlanta (2014) and Old Orchard Gallery in St. Louis (2013). Kriefall is currently based out of St. Louis, Missouri.



2017 | As We Enter New Planes

Photograph courtesy of the artist

Photograph courtesy of the artist