Sara Pittman is an emerging abstract expressionist whose work relies heavily on intuition, raw emotion and spontaneous thought. Pittman begins each piece with an idea or feeling and naturally allows her instinct to take control and guide her process. She paints in thin, transparent layers in order to reveal a story to entice the viewer to unveil what is buried beneath. She focuses on creating an aesthetic of balance and sometimes tension by combining bright colors with muted tones, creating negative space with pockets of detail and incorporating loose and controlled movement.  

Her work has been exhibited in solo shows at Mitchell Hill Gallery (2016, 2017) and group shows at H Gallery in Ventra (2017) and Matthew Rachman Gallery in Chicago (2017). She graduated from Huntingdon College in 2015. Her work is in numerous private collections across the country.

Pittman lives in Charleston, South Carolina where she continues to work out of her studio at Redux Contemporary Art Center.



2017 | "Paintings by Jeffrey Cortland Jones + Sara Pittman"

Photograph courtesy of the artist

Photograph courtesy of the artist