Walter Fydryck was born in the early 40s in Chicago and he has earned his Associate Degree from the American Academy of Fine Art. He has also attended The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Fydryck’s style and artistic gestures are strongly connected to the mass culture and the psychology of our society. "As an artist, I am engaged in exploring the collective psyche of the subject. The focal point of my portraits is their gaze, as in the Egyptian Ka, which establishes a link between our human soul, and our cosmic environment," Fydryck claims. He creates an interesting visual effect by using simple lines and watery gauche – his paintings might seem naive and serene, compared with the reality of human psychology, which is often puzzlingly complex. However, this complexity is suggested by Fydryck’s use of multiple shadows and reflections – he is combining painting and drawing techniques, creating an enigmatic acrylic fusion. After many years of chemical experimentation with pigments, the artist has created his own process which results in the multi-layered imagery of rich texture yet delicate colors.



2016 | "Jungle Boogie"

Photograph courtesy of the artist

Photograph courtesy of the artist