William Eckhardt Kohler paints idyllic, classically referential paintings. Vibrant tones cascade across dynamic compositions, showing Kohler’s deep knowledge of the history of his medium. Painting in an energetic manner, colors vibrate against each other with a divine resonance. Kohler’s paintings are as much about a mystic moment when painting feels right, as the technical background necessary to make this happen.

William Kohler received his MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and his BFA from Maryland Institute College of Art. Kohler’s solo shows include Linda Warren Projects, Elder Art Gallery, and the University Club of Chicago. William is a contributor for the Huffington Post. Kohler splits his time between Chicago and New York.



2016 | NewCity Art, Painting to Transcend the Mundane

2016 | The Visualist, Joseph Noderer/William Eckhardt Kohler

Photograph courtesy of the artist

Photograph courtesy of the artist